The Church at Shortwood

The Seventh-day Adventist church at Shortwood is situated in the heart of the inner city community of Grants Pen with a current membership of one thousand and fifty (1050). Our membership is very “mission” oriented and consequently is involved in several community outreach programs. These currently include individual bible studies, small group meeting, street meetings, health clinics and prayer walks.

The major activity conducted each year is the staging of two large evangelistic campaigns which reaches out to the entire church territory. These meetings are generally rewarding though difficult at times as sometimes the upsurge of violence curtails our activities. Despite the challenges we continue to experience a steady growth in membership for which we praise God.

Our flagship program is a weekly feeding of less fortunate members in the community - both members and non-members. This made possible by the contribution of  funds by a member (now deceased) to purchase a Mini bus which is used to deliver hot meals to various parts of the community one and two  days each week.

The church enjoys strong local leadership and pastoral care and seeks constantly to break new ground in evangelism. Being very goal oriented the leadership has developed a five (5) year strategic plan which serve to harness and focus the talents, energy and scarce resources of our membership for maximum effect.













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