Little Angels’ Early Childhood Development Centre

10a Grants Pen Road
Kingston 8
Tel: (876) 924 - 1410

MOTTO: "Striving for Total Education"

Little Angels' Basic School was opened in 1978 with Mrs. Gloria Graham as the first principal. The aim was to provide Christian Education to the members of the church and its surrounding communities. We cater for children between the ages of three and six years old. 
Throughout the years we have seen many improvement s. Our school has expanded into a two-storey building. Our classrooms are spacious, attractive and cool, with two ceiling fans in each classroom. Each classroom also boasts child appropriate and brightly coloured walls, tables and chairs, bookshelves, and cubbyholes.
Presently there are three teachers, Mr. Dave McNeish, Ms. Maxine Whyte and Ms. Eunice Downer and three assist teachers namely Mr. Stanford Taylor, Ms. Rosemarie Thomas, and Crystal Gayle. The person responsible for preparing nutritious meals is Ms. Janette Wilson. 
A balanced and nutritious lunch is daily (juice included) at an affordable price. Come and be a part of our school as we seek to grow from strength to strength.

In addition to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education, we offer a variety of programs in the hope of fulfilling our mission, which is total education.

Presently the students receive their computer experience at the internet cafe at AMCHAM multipurpose Centre. 
However our computer lab is being restored, recently we received three computers from the fifth form students at Hillel Academy who organize regular treats for the students at Little Angels'. We welcome any assistance available at this time. 

Our students are also introduced to Spanish. They are taught greetings, day of the week and objects and will learn to counting (1-10), colours as well.

Swimming (optional) is done at the Y.M.C.A. with an assigned instructor. At the end of the school year students are given a certificate to show their level of competence.

In September (2008) the Barita Education Foundation and Digicel Foundation established a Reading Room equipped with resource material and a teacher to implement a reading program and offer training to teachers. The students have benefitted tremendously from this program.



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